BSc in Computer Science at Universidad CAECE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Fluent

Work Experience

  • Dec 2018 - Present: Theorem iOS Software Engineer

  • Oct 2013 - Dec 2018: Pager Lead iOS Software Engineer / Founding Team Member

    Working on the iOS client, currently published on the App Store.

    Also maintained the nodeJS backend on its early stage.

  • Aug 2012 - Oct 2013: iOS Software Engineer at theLIFT

    Developed and designed diverse projects for clients and prototypes for iOS and OSX too.

  • Mar 2011 - Aug 2012: iOS Software Engineer at TinyCo

    Developed new features for social games like: Tap Resort, Tiny Zoo and Tiny Zoo Friends. Some of them have reached #1 Top Grossing on the US App Store and were delivered to millions of users.

  • Jun 2009 - Mar 2011: iOS Software Engineer at Movisol

    In less than a year and a half we have published, with a small group of developers, more than 50 applications. Many of them were in the top 25 (free) of many countries around the world. This was possible thanks to the development of an own framework and the use of agile methodologies.

  • Dec 2007 - Jun 2009: Freelance web developer and designer

    I worked for several clients as a developer and web designer. During this period I took several courses in Instituto Da Vinci (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to improve my skills with tools such as Adobe Illustrator and languages such as ActionScript 2.

  • Jul 2007 - Dec 2007: IBM Internship. Technical Sales Rational

    I performed demos of several IBM Rational products and wrote some articles for about them.

Side Projects

  • Jul 2016 - Canillitapp

    I made an open source news platform (see GitHub repo) which fetches news from Argentina’s most important newspapers. Imagine something like an indie version of Google News with Slack emoji reactions 🤖🗞🇦🇷.

    The iOS client is designed and developed (almost) entirely by me. Same thing with backend (Ruby using Sinatra running on Dokku).

  • Oct 2013 - PicAnalyzer

    An iOS app that extracts the color palette from a picture. Available at the App Store.

  • Jan 2013 - MosaicUI

    An open source tiled UI component for iOS that automatic layouts according to the elements’ sizes. Popular on GitHub (more than 600 stars and 115 forks)

    See GitHub repo

    //⚠️ This open source repo is currently deprecated.

  • May 2012 - TweetWorld

    An iOS Twitter client that looks like a game. Read tweets, collect coins and buy stuff that will add features to your app.

    See demo video

    //⚠️ This app is no longer on the App Store.

  • Sep 2010 - PictoCard

    An iOS application that people can use as a board game.

    //⚠️ This app is no longer on the App Store.

  • Sep 2009 - Processing Visuals

    Developed some visuals that were projected in the Abril Sosa concerts (a famous Argentinian musician) on his solo debut.

    See GitHub repo


  • Second place at BAHackathon 2012

    In less than 48 hours we developed BAVida. It was an iPhone app that allowed users to pinpoint a specific location in the City of Buenos Aires and retrieve its quality of life, measured in variables such as noise pollution, proximity to bicycle stations and green areas.

    Read more about it